The One Plus Two Is Boisterous!





The One Plus Two Is Boisterous!

So, One Plus finally revealed their much awaited “flagship killer” yesterday named One Plus Two, The successor to One Plus One. There was a lot of hype around the launch which was very surprising, Since the company is only one year old as of now and has seen some pretty impressive growth – Thanks to their famous One Plus One.

The One Plus One was truly the 2015’s flagship killer but what about the One Plus Two? Well, The answer is pretty simple – It enhances it’s legacy and even takes it to a whole new level! All we can say is that the one plus two is boisterous!

With it’s metal frame, Curvy design and the humongous specs , It’s hand down the 2016’s flagship killer. The One Plus Two has crazy specs – 4GB DDR4 RAM ( This is alone enough!) , Octa core snapdragon 810, 13 Megapixel Camera ( Note that the resolution of the camera is same as that of one plus one, but the company states that the new camera has better contrasts and quality), 3300 mAh battery, Adreno 430 GPU and 64Gb of storage ! The really surprising thing is that you get ALL this for ~ 400$! One plus two also has a USB Type – C port for charging that also acts as a port for many accessories.

Some of the extra features that are there include a fingerprint scanner , Dual sim support and 4G LTE ready. However, due to the low cost , The One Plus Two misses out on some of the features. The main feature that it misses out is NFC.  It is a highly used feature in many of the countries. It allows you to make payments seamlessly using your phone. While some people might not even notice the lack of this, It may break the deal for the others.

The camera of the One Plus Two is also controvesial at the moment. It’s biggest competitor – The Moto X 3rd Gen has a 21- Megapixel camera compared to the 13- Megapixel shooter of the One Plus Two. This is a confusing aspect which we will come to know only when the phone releases.

The Moto X 3rd gen will give good competition to One Plus Two this year, But our vote clearly is with One Plus Two. Although Motorolla has regained it’s reputation with itz’s moto X, g and e , This year’s Moto X just wasn’t good enough. The launching of 8 schemes with Moto X (3rd gen) in India clearly shows how badly Motorolla is trying to sell the Moto X this year.

One Plus two is a beast of a device. It is hard to acquire though, Which might frustrate some consumers since you need a special “invite” to get hands on one. One Plus Two’s release date is expected to be 11th August.

What do you feel about the new flagship killer? Who will win the Moto X Vs One Plus Two battle? Comment your opinions below!

  • Credits for official images :- The Verge.

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