The upcoming Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s Future Looks A Bit Shaky

The upcoming Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go’s Future Looks A Bit Shaky

The upcoming Pokemon game which has created a buzz since the last few months is now starting to look overhyped. The game initially had tons of applauds and praises in it’s account, but the reactions now are pretty much mixed.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s going to be a smash hit as soon as it releases but what worries me is whether it will be able to retain long term users. The recent footage that the company behind Pokemon Go, Niantic, released showed a poorly implemented interface, A buggy interface, and cartoonish and sloppy graphics. As a result, The various Pokemon fans around the world¬†are turning skeptical of whether they will finally be able to live their dream of being a true Pokemon master.

Furthermore, The long time the company is taking to release the game is also lessening the excitement day by day, paving way for a very mediocre release. Some people have also grown suspicious that the game will either be bombarded by ads or will be filled with exclusive content that requires in-app purchases to be done, without which the game will be almost unplayable.

If all this turns out to be true, I am very sure that the enraged users would pretty much abandon the game which will either force the company to change or shut down the app altogether due to the large amount of money they would have invested by then.

The only positive news that the fans have heard over the last 3 months is that the company finally started inviting the beta testers to test the app in USA yesterday, 2 months after they were registered.

While there is still some hype in the air, the actual success of the app remains to be seen.

What do you think of Pokemon Go’s future? Do you agree with me? Comment below.

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