WWDC 2016 – What To Expect?

WWDC 2016 – What To Expect?

Recently, Apple sent out invites to all the developers that WWDC 2016 will take place from June 13th РJune 17th. The invite was quite fancy and and was made to look like a programming terminal.

The invite

With WWDC just around the corner now, Let’s take a look at what we can expect.

1. Swift 3.0

Although Apple just updated Swift to version 2.2, The probability of seeing an altogether new version of Swift is pretty feasible. Whether they decide to call it 3.0 or 2.3 , Major changes can definitely be expected in Apple’s exclusive programming language.

The new update is expected to change some operators around, Add more capability and make the language more simple to learn and code.

2. Macbook Pro

Apple hasn’t made much changes to the Macbook Pro since 2013, When it released the retina version and updated the design. If rumours are to be believed, a new Macbook Pro is in the works which will be thinner , faster and will come with major design changes. This is also a bit evident because while Apple updated the new Macbook and the Macbook Air this year, It did not make any announcement about the Macbook Pro.

3. MacOS

Yes, That’s right. Apple is changing the name of OS X to MacOS and get ready to expect major changes. The new OS is said to reportedly focus on gaming and raw power to complement the new Macbook Pro. Along with that, MacOS is expected to somewhat also complement the iPad Pro, with features focused exclusively for the tablet.

4. iOS X

This year also marks the 10th release of iOS. Looks like there will be major changes taking place in the software department this year for Apple. iOS X will be making the integration of 3D touch uniform throughout the system and will bring along new interactive icons that will make the homescreen more intuitive than ever before.

5. Metal 2.0

Apple is expected to step up mobile and mac gaming this year. With metal 2.0, The company is expected to bring 3D touch to mainstream gaming and also bring mac gaming to a whole new level. Gaming on macs have suffered a lot since the past decade, Originally back in the 90s macs were the computers which people bought for gaming and pc’s were for office use, Now it is the other way round and Apple wants to change that immediately.

What do you think Apple should introduce in WWDC this year? What are you the most excited about? Comment below!



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