Samsung galaxy S6. Will it be a game changer for Samsung?

Ok, So the internet is flooding with articles related to the anticipated android flagship, The Samsung Galaxy S6 , but that doesn’t mean that it will be great. We all know that Samsung changed the smartphone market in 2011 with the launch of the galaxy S III. The phone at that time was pretty nice and was full of features. But, here is where it stops, Since then Samsung started including gimmicks and things that people didn’t appreciate, their Software Updates started getting delayed and over all the phones lost their charm. As a result, Samsung’s market share dropped and subsequently it’s profits. It is now struggling to keep up with it’s biggest competitor ,i.e, Apple. While Apple’s sales have been humongous, Samsung’s sales are at an all time low. So, the question that everybody is asking that whether the company’s latest flagship help it get out of the water? Well, the answer is quite tricky , the answer is IT ALL DEPENDS. If, the S6 truly is extraordinary and Samsung rebuilds the  design and User Experience from Scratch, It can be a serious contender for Apple’s popular iPhone lineup, If not though, Samsung will lead down the path of its own destruction. All we can do now is wait rather go bonkers thinking about it.

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