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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 : Samsung’s Hidden Hero?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is about to launch on August 23rd at a special event in New York. With less than two weeks remaining for the  launch, We have surprisingly few leaks to fuel our curiosity.  Could this possibly be Samsung’s hidden hero? Last year was particularly bad for Samsung – Its revenues were down,…


All Big Tech Companies Are In Trouble

All Big Tech Companies Are In Trouble Now, It’s not everyday you see ALL the major tech companies in trouble. From hissing sounds to explosions, Here are the reasons the Big 4 are in Trouble. 1. Fire-Brigade To The Rescue! via GIPHY Samsung is facing an international backlash due to its exploding Note 7s. The…

Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

So, Here we have it, The Clash of the Titans. This is the comparison everybody has been waiting for, and today we finally are going to see the best phones compete against each other. Similarities   It won’t be surprising to say that the Galaxy S6 has taken quite a few design cues from the iPhone…

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