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How To Get Started With iOS Development

How To Get Started With iOS Development (2017)

How To Get Started With iOS Development (2017) “How To Get Started With iOS Development ?” – This is a question that has been asked to me many a times; So I finally decided to write an article for all the beginners just getting hands on iOS development.  First Off, The best programming language to…


Twitter: 140 to 10k

It may sound like Twitter is going for a 10,000m marathon or making a 10k HD TV but that is not true for this post at least. Twitter after 9 years of operations has at last completed the wish of 302 million people! Twitter has increased its character limit from ‘minor’ 140 to the ‘major’…

Which is the best laptop for developers?

This is an easy question that my readers have been asking. So, Let me get this straight –> MacBooks are still the best in the market and the reason being simple enough – No Shit. While Windows is filled with crappy malware and stupid programs MacBooks provide what is essential for people and gets the Basics…

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