Twitter: 140 to 10k

It may sound like Twitter is going for a 10,000m marathon or making a 10k HD TV but that is not true for this post at least. Twitter after 9 years of operations has at last completed the wish of 302 million people! Twitter has increased its character limit from ‘minor’ 140 to the ‘major’ 10,000 characters! For comparison, Facebook Messanger has a character limit of 20,000.

The big change will take place in July but has been announced ahead of time to Twitter’s developer community so that third-party apps can support it from launch.

My personal experience with Twitter Direct Messaging has been pretty bad over the past couple of years which includes the character limit of 140, flaky notifications and no message sync! But with this update coming in July and if some more come up by the end of this year, I would for sure look to go back to Twitter Messaging over the Facebook Messanger.

Though not much people use Twitter Messaging, but when it comes to celebrities & politicians – they don’t have a Facebook account 😛 ! So they are the big profit makers from this update.

But I just want to warn you to not expect the same change to occur in public-facing tweets, as the company has been at pains to make clear that there are no changes coming to the main part of the service which is described on Wikipedia as

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”.

Which is actually good as it maintains Twitter’s status about its service and also gives a different feel when using it. At least we don’t get Facebook posts as long as Mark Zuckerberg’s on Twitter! 😛

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