Developers Are Adapting 3D-Touch At A Very Rapid Rate

Developers Are Adapting 3D-Touch At A Very Rapid Rate


Seeing a lot of updates on the App Store nowadays? Well, It’s a good thing, If you have an iPhone 6S.

For those of you who don’t know, Apple introduced it’s new 3D-Touch API to developers shortly after the launch in September. Apple wants all the developers to make use of this new API to enhance the capabilities of it’s new iPhones.

Surprisingly enough, The adoption rate so far has been tremendous! Apple reports that over 50,000 apps have already been updated to use the latest technology with giants like Whatsapp implementing it throughout their app to make maximum use. This is surprising because, Lately developers have been very stereotypical about new API’s and take a lot of time to test and implement it in their apps.

Some people were very hesitant about whether the 3D Touch technology will be of any use till the next iPhone releases, This should definitely let go of their hesitation.

An interesting thing to see would be how games make use of this technology since this has the potential to change mobile gaming forever, As seen 5 years back with the introduction of Accelerometer and Gyroscope in phones.

The technology has been of no use uptill now as only stock apps have been using it and users are getting frustrated. Moreover, As a jailbreak tweak introduced the 3D Touch functions in earlier iPhone models by long pressing the screen, Users got even more agitated. The new inflow of apps have made them happy as they enjoy the ‘privilege’ of owning the latest iPhone.

This is a great news for Apple as rumours of Samsung launching Galaxy S7 with 3D Touch like technology as soon as January have already started pouring in and this would make 3D Touch “non-unique”.

All we can do is wait for all the developers to update their apps so that we can enjoy the new technology fully!



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