All Big Tech Companies Are In Trouble

All Big Tech Companies Are In Trouble

Now, It’s not everyday you see ALL the major tech companies in trouble. From hissing sounds to explosions, Here are the reasons the Big 4 are in Trouble.

1. Fire-Brigade To The Rescue!


Samsung is facing an international backlash due to its exploding Note 7s. The issue has been cited as being the “biggest blunder by any company” in recent history,  largely thanks to it’s scale and impact. 

According to reports, Over 250 Note 7s have exploded since it started shipping and has caused disasters like setting a man’s house on fire, Causing burn marks on people’s legs, etc.

Though Samsung is trying every possible way to lessen the impact and is giving a free replacement to the suffering users, It reportedly lost 14 Billion $ in Market cap and lost a lot of reputation in the industry. Expect memes to arrive at every Samsung Galaxy launch now.

2. Intruder Alert!


So this week, Google released its much awaited messaging app named “Allo”. Everybody had high expectations from the app and well, to say the least, The app was messy. The app had many major drawbacks like you will lose all chats if you switch to another device, Nothing is synced with your Google+ account including your Profile pic and Name and Google even went far enough to introduce the functionality to send SMS to your friends (which turned out to be an SMS client) but everybody got confused due to the fact that the SMS will be delivered from a random 5 digit number and your friends will not know who sent it.

If this Chaos was not enough, Edward Snowden, The famous  whistle blower claimed against using the Allo app, Citing that it intrudes upon your privacy and makes all the information readily availble to the CIA.

3. So, HissGate Now!?


With the release of the iPhone 6, Apple got a direct hit on its reputation on making quality hardware. Famously known as “BendGate”, Users claimed that their iPhone 6 Plus’s were bending. Although only very few people were really affected, This nevertheless became a big controversy.

Apple fixed the “BendGate” issue when they upgraded to a higher quality Aluminium. Now, With the release of iPhone 7, People are claiming to hear Hissing sounds from their Apple Logo. Although the issue has been called ‘Vague’ and ‘Intentional Attack’ by many, It still made a minor impact on Apple’s reputation, but reports of slowing iPhone 7 sales were nowhere to be seen.

4. We Just Want Your Money


Facebook, The biggest social network on the planet right now and the most preferred choice for advertisers, Reported this week that it had been ripping all the advertisers off by inflating the video views of the advertisement by as much as 20%. 

This move by Facebook made people call it a ‘Cash Cow’ and advertisers were so pissed that Facebook reportedly is set to lose around 100 Million $ in revenue from advertisers across the globe as they set to look for other alternatives like Twitter, Tumblr etc.

All in all, They all are currently messed up. What do you think they should do? Comment down below.

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