TechKindle Will Be Live At WWDC’17




YES, you read that right! This year We have an official ticket to watch the WWDC Keynote live at San Jose @ McEnery Convention Centre ! We’ll be live at San Jose from 4th June – 9th June and will keep you updated with the latest announcements and product launches as they happen in front of us!

This year’s conference ticket sways away from the traditional WWDC ticket and is marked by a bright red colour. This is how it looks like :-

WWDC17 Ticket
WWDC’17 Ticket

The schedule this time is also filled with puns and poor dad jokes and most of the session names and contents are currently locked (HYPE!) and will be revealed only after the keynote takes place on 5th June.

Oh, The Puns!

I’m a bit more hyped for this year’s WWDC because of the close to no leaks and exciting product launches rumoured for a software conference. Expect iOS 11,  new MacOS , Siri Speaker , New Macbook Pros etc.!

I also got a Hero-Supporter Scholarship ticket to AltConf that happens just besides WWDC at San Jose Marriott. The speakers there are top notch and I’ll let you know of any exciting speeches or giveaways (Waiting for the T-Shirts to roll in )

So, All in all, I’m beyond excited to leave for California (Just 1 day!) and will keep you updated with everything crazy happening in tech. I’m ready :- 



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