Has Turned Glitchy

Remember The famous online game in which you have to survive among thousands of other people (Dots!) that are trying to eat you? Well, I do.

The game got immensely popular during August onwards since many Youtubers started playing it and tech news channel started publishing it.

I played the game in June, Just 10 days after it launched. I was immediately addicted to it and the game kept me awake for several nights in a row.

On the PC version, you can choose on which server you want to play. I always chose the North American Server since it was the most crowded one and the most challenging one.

Things have changed A LOT now. Don’t get me wrong, I still am very fond of the game but I cannot play it anymore! I have a good internet connection I must say, But the game still lags! A LOT! Everytime I try to play the game, The game stutters and it gets annoying. The least crowded server also lags and this is stupid. I think that should definitely consider expanding their servers since it has a lot of money to do so.

The mobile version is still good. The mobile app doesn’t lag and is very fun to play but the PC version is still better!

The traffic and fame that this game has is increasing at a very rapid pace and I think for every fan out there, The lag is intolerable!

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