SurfaceBook Fails To Impress Macbook Users

SurfaceBook Fails To Impress Macbook Users


Hey! So, The SurfaceBook has been making quite some waves since it’s launch earlier. Microsoft claims it to be the “Ultimate Laptop” and that it is twice as fast as a Macbook Pro With Retina Display. Now, The added functionality of the SurfaceBook like the touch screen and the magnetic stylus are welcome additions and the laptop also has pretty raw power and is also stylish, but surprisingly it has failed to impress Macbook users.

The main reason why Microsoft finally was forced to make a high-end stylish windows laptop was because the PC sales are slumping and Macs are selling at an all time high.

If you want a high-end laptop there is only Dell’s XPS 13 to look at and the only other alternative is a Mac.

According to a recent survey, 95% of the people that ordered the SurfaceBook were long time Windows users, While 30% of the people that ordered a Mac last week were also long time Windows users despite no new releases from Apple except for the updated iMac.

The biggest reason behind this is that people don’t want to switch back from a Mac once they have used one, While Windows users are are ready to make a switch. Also, The speed claims that Microsoft was making were also largely false, A youtube channel named FStoppers picked up a 2700$ SurfaceBook and a 2500$ Macbook Pro With Retina Display and the Macbook performed 90-100% better than the SurfaceBook in almost all aspects. This came as a big shock to many and the comment box is flooded with comments. You can check out the video by clicking on this link:- Macbook Vs SurfaceBook.

Don’t get me wrong, The SurfaceBook is definitely a very good laptop and seems to be the future of all Windows laptops, It is fast, Stylish, Hybrid and everything that one expects from a classy laptop but I think the only problem is Windows itself. Mac users don’t buy a Mac because it is “cool” to own one, They buy it because of the OS, OS X is more reliable, well made, and doesn’t hang.

If Microsoft wants the SurfaceBook to triumph over the Macbook, It first needs to focus on Windows. Windows 10 is a very good step and that too in the right direction, but it needs just a pinch of more productivity and reliability.

Until Then, SurfaceBook still remains the best Windows laptop, While Mac users continue to buy a Mac.


What are your views about the SurfaceBook? Do you seem to like it? Do you think it is better than a Mac? Definitely comment below and let us know.

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