The Amazon Kindle Oasis Is A True Masterpiece

The new Amazon Kindle Oasis blows everybody out of the water!

Amazon Kindle Oasis
The new Amazon Kindle Oasis blows everybody out of the water!

Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

In an era where all we can see is incremental specs upgrade, Amazon is taking the risk to be different. The new Amazon Kindle Oasis is a true masterpiece!

Amazon Kindle has now been known to be the best e-reader out there for a very long time, With all that is needed already there in the device, The new Kindle was very hard to improve over the older version.

As hard as it was, Amazon nailed it! The Oasis is as different from its e-book reader predecessor as the second generation Kindle was from Amazon’s first e-reader, which was introduced in 2007.

Amazon Kindle Oasis
As Thin As Paper

The new Kindle Oasis’s screen is just 3.4 mm thick (thin!). This is almost as close to paper as we could’ve ever imagined. The rest of the body is thicker than the screen. Amazon has made it so, that you need not touch the screen to flip the pages, or essentially read what you want to. There are buttons present at the thicker part to do that. If you don’t like this function of the buttons, You can reset them according to your need. A built-in accelerometer flips the screen so you can switch the grip from your right or left hand.

The screen is although the same resolution as the earlier high end Kindle Voyage, But now it has 60% more LED’s and the white gamut is wider and more importantly, the lighting and screen refraction is brand new.

Amazon Kindle devices are already known for their amazing battery lives and the Oasis is no different, The Amazon Kindle Oasis has around 2 weeks of battery life. Need more battery life? Worry not, Amazon has got you covered this time. The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the first Kindle to ship with it’s own cover and the cover not only provides protection and style, but also includes a backup battery capable of adding a claimed seven additional weeks of battery life to the Oasis. That’s 9 weeks of battery life for you!

The Amazon Kindle Oasis only weighs 4 ounces, And even with the additional case , The package seems pretty light to carry around wherever you want to.

The Kindle starts at a decent price of 289.99$ for the Wifi only version along with ads that you will see when you wake up the Kindle. The ad-less wifi only version will cost 309.99$. The 3G model will cost 369.99$ with ads and 379$ without ads.

The Amazon Oasis Kindle is the go to e-reader for sure, With 4.4 Million e-books now available on the Amazon Book Store, The future looks bright!


What are your thoughts about the Amazon Oasis Kindle? Will you pre-book it? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. About your review, the oasis just came out. Reviewing a device so early makes it look idk awkward or something. Write a preview first of a new device, i hope you’re open to criticism. For a review, this seemed to be perfect, had everything a buyer needs to know.

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