Apple Watch Becomes Available In Indian Stores Today


Apple Watch Becomes Available In Indian Stores Today

After over 6 months of launch date and a year after it was shown to the public, Apple Watch finally launches in India. Apple has always considered India as a 3rd world country and launches it’s products after a looong time as compared to almost every other country.

Apple Watch will cost Rs 30,900 for the base model and will cost Rs 14,20,000 for the highest Apple Watch Edition model.

Indian Consumers showed a lot of excitement at the official launch and Apple India expects the sales to skyrocket. One major setback according to me would be would be the price tag, considering the fact that there is almost a 10,000 Rs gap if we compare the base model prices in India and USA. While this is not new, There are generally gap in prices if we compare any Apple Product to USA prices but the watch has a comparatively huge gap at it’s price point.

Cons aside, This is a huge new market for Indian developers who had been hesitating to develop apps for the Apple Watch because they were unable to test, market or practically do anything.

Big players are also setting up their workspaces.¬†“If you’re a tech company then you need to start looking at this because in tech it’s a very fast moving space,” says Mrinal Sinha, COO, MobiKwik. “Mobile has been evolving rapidly, and while the Apple Watch is something that only a very small number of users will have right now, you want to be ready for it, you want to figure out how the interactions work, [and] it is a completely new interface.”

The sudden release of Apple Watch In India is largely to do with Apple tying up with Croma to have official Apple Stores set up across the country. So, Apple can perfectly display the Apple Watch as they wanted to.

So, Rush to your nearest Apple Store before it sells out completely!

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