Why Dubsmash Is A Smash Hit On The App Store.



Why Dubsmash Is A Smash Hit On The App Store.

When the two young co founders, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik were creating a new app that lets you dub yourself to famous songs and dialogues, They knew that they were upto something. But after failing to do the same twice before, They were uncertain that whether they will ever be able to conquer the App Store and Boom! Their App exploded.

Only after 7 days of launch, Dubsmash was on the top charts of Germany, Add 3 more days and they were on the top charts of over 30 countries with more than 5 million downloads!

“Early in our prototyping phase in October, we already got very positive feedback that made us feel that we found something valuable to many people,” Dubsmash co-founder Roland Grenke tells TechCrunch.

We should not forget, That this was their third attempt at making such an app after having failed with Starlize, Which was very similar to Dubsmash but had a complex user interface and was very slow.

The reason why they succeeded this time was because they tried and tested everything  – “We started Dubsmash very lean, and put in all the hard-learned lessons from our previous apps,” says Grenke. “We tested with friends & family first, built in their feedback, then went to public places like tech meet-ups here in Berlin to expand our tester group. We created multiple stages of development in a short time period and I think our product team did an awesome job of iterating so fast and getting to a point where Dubsmash took off.”

All is good and well for Dubsmash as of now, but the major problem that it could face are copyright issues. Dubsmash uses famous songs and movie dialogues without any permission from the Artists,Studios etc. Should that change, the startup plans to work within a ‘take-down notice’ model when a license holder complains.

The team behind Dubsmash is continuously working after their success, They have already expanded to Android and would release new features very soon.

“[The first] big new features will include improvements for sound discovery. The next update will include what we call ‘Soundboards’. This is a better way to organize sounds, and allows users to create their own boards and to subscribe to other users’ boards. This will help to make the displayed content way more relevant and personal to each individual user.”, says Grenke.

The strategy of the company as of now is to retain users. They do not want the users to just use it once, And that is why they are now contacting the studios directly for some more new songs,features and even incorporating ads.

We will see how it turns out to be and what Dubsmash releases next! If you want to see any new feature do comment below!

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