Facebook Is Going Nowhere

Facebook Is Going Nowhere


Facebook, The multi-billion dollar social networking site is going nowhere. This may seem crazy, Seeing the number of users or even it’s quarterly results, But truly, What has it improved this year (2015)? Nothing.

If you look at the pace with which Facebook was innovating (Which is the reason it is so big now) way back in the days, You will be surprised to see that it has almost stopped now. Earlier, Facebook used to be the industry leader, By introducing the latest features and constantly improving the user interface, Now it is more of like a pseudo-follower.

In the past 2 years, We were constantly driven crazy, With Facebook making it compulsory to install Facebook messenger if you want to chat, Then removing Chatheads from it’s iOS app, Then trying to copy the other social networking sites (Tumblr, Snapchat) and due to several other reasons.

What comes as a surprise to me though is that it is still not stopping, If rumours are to be believed, Facebook in the coming months will force you to install one more app named “Moments” if you want to sync/upload photos. What’s next? Installing Facebook Keyboard if we want to chat?

Also, I am also constantly irritated in the way it is sorting my newsfeed, With sponsored ads filling it. I see less of what my friends are upto and more of what Coca-Cola wants me to buy!

The design of Facebook has also not been changed since a very long time. Though, I cannot really have any big complaints from it’s mobile app, I am constantly wondering that why does the desktop version looks as bad as it possibly could be?! The sidebars are pathetically arranged and the newsfeed gets surrounded by blank space as you scroll. It certainly needs an urgent redesign.

Moreover, Facebook is really playing on it’s investors cash these months. It is trying to eliminate competition by acquiring them. It paid a never-seen-before 19 Billion Dollars for an app(Whatsapp)! Rather than improving it’s own service, It solely wants to survive on acquisitions.

The company’s focus is also divided nowadays, With Facebook Inc. focusing on several services (Website, Internet.org etc.) and also the Oculus Rift. The company is trying to do all at once and succeeding at none.


All I can say is that Facebook needs to change, And that too quickly.

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