Here Is Why Android M Is A Massive Fail.


Here Is Why Android M Is A Massive Fail.

Around 40 days back we wrote an article titled “Android M, What To Expect” because we were really excited about the upcoming version of Android. Now that it has indeed released, We couldn’t be more disappointed. Here are some of the reasons:-

1. No New Features

We were overwhelmed when Sundar Pichai came on the stage and said that they are going to show us Android M! But, The excitement was in deep water when they presentation ended, We couldn’t think of a single new major feature that was added to Android M! Sure, you do get some of the new tweaks like a new battery saver mode, App permissions etc but WHERE is a single new feature?!

2. Same UI , Plus A Worse App Drawer.

Android is known to add features at a very fast pace, They also change the UI very often to make it more attractive and visually appealing to users, But this year , There are practically NO UI changes except that now you can access phone dialer from the home screen (Wow -_-). As if this wasn’t enough to spoil the mood, They added a vertical scrolling app drawer that you are forced to use. Of course, There are launchers, But if rumours are to be believed, Google is forcing various launchers to make the app drawers Vertical.

3. Polishing Isn’t Great Either

We can clearly understand that sometimes , All an operating system needs is under the hood polishing. Even that wasn’t done greatly by Google! They did not even bother to address the issue of storage in Android, Nor the optimisation of apps – The two major features every Android user wants to see as soon as possible!

4. Still No Instant Updates

Apple and even Microsoft make sure that every user gets the new OS update the moment they release, Whereas in the case of Google, They don’t bother to look at the progress of their update release. Only 7% of the devices worldwide have Android Lollipop (Google’s latest operating system), Android M would even release more slowly since new phone release cycle is all set for September now.

5. No Leading Breakthrough To Push Mobile Sales

The only reason why people buy Android devices is because after 2010, It has always been leading in terms of features and customisability. This year, Android has lost it’s charm. Expect the Android Mobile sales to drop another 5-10% since nothing exciting is there.


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