iOS 9 wouldn’t be as exciting as you think.


iOS 9 wouldn’t be as exciting as you think.

WWDC is just around the corner and the anticipation from Apple is increasing day by day. iOS 9 would surely be a major part of the event. The past iOS releases have been very exciting from Apple, by bringing in tons of new features and design overhauls. But this year can be a little different.

Rumours suggest the update may focus more on optimisation and stability improvements rather than major design changes and new features. We’re still expecting some changes, however. Siri improvements, a new San Francisco font, a HomeKit “Home” app, iPad split-screen multitasking, and transit directions may be added in iOS 9.

It may seem like Apple will have a hard time marketing an iOS 9 update that doesn’t come with the flashy additions we got in iOS 7 and iOS 8, but a new version of iOS that fine tunes what Apple introduced in previous iOS updates will likely be very popular with people who have suffered from bugs in iOS 8.

This would more likely be a mediocre update, Not too much features but nor too less.

iOS 9 is also expected to give a ‘big blow’ to the jailbreak community, As Apple is expected to introduce a new feature called ‘Rootless’ which will not allow even administrative authorisation to get access to kernel and hence, not allow you to modify things much. This would be a bold move from Apple since this is expected to gain a lot of criticism as about 13% of Apple devices are jailbroken. The security enhancements don’t end here, After the iCloud breach last year, Apple is expected to introduce a new end to end encrypted two- way authentication system to make the cloud more secure.

The company is also tooting to make the iOS more closed than ever before by reducing the capabilities to which one can modify, This would not affect the user a lot in any way but developers can be highly affected. Apple recently asked the developer of NinType, The famous keyboard on the App Store to remove it’s calculator capabilities from it’s keyboard as it offers way too much ‘customisation’ and users can get ‘confused’, This is a recent example on the path where Apple is going.


If you have any other rumour for the upcoming OS, do leave a comment below!

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