The New iOS 10 Stickers Are A Sensation

The New iOS 10 Stickers Are A Sensation

The New iOS 10 Stickers Are A Sensation

So, The sticker app store launched yesterday alongside the much awaited iOS 10. It was full.

The new iMessage App Store is currently flooding with apps and stickers at an unimaginable pace and trust me, It is hard to stand out! While there are many iMessage apps too, What is attracting major consumer attraction are stickers. 

Since it is easy to make sticker packs, Almost every other developer is trying his luck by uploading a pack on the App Store. And make no mistake, Some of them are actually making groundmaking sales. With over 100,000 stickers being sold every minute as millions update to iOS 10, The stickers are a sensation.

I saw the potential in Stickers way back in WWDC, When Apple showcased it on stage. So, I decided to make some packs too. I have currently uploaded 2 on the App Store with 2 more coming very soon!

Here are the links and the promo videos :-

  1. Sassy Panda

 Link :- Sassy Panda on the App Store

2. Emojitoons

Link:- Emojitoons on the App Store

Do check these sticker packs out! You will definitely love them! What do you think of the new stickers? Do let us know in the comments below!

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