Ok, this might seem like a stupid post but somebody had to do it. I have been following tech since last 8 years and as far as I can see and have researched, the tech world is in crisis. Companies are not innovating, no amazing announcements, no amazing apps, same old social network and there is no programming culture (like it used to be). The tech world is losing it’s “coolest factor”, i.e, Shocking people with amazing things. There was a time when everybody wanted to be in the tech industry because they were the ones who were pushing the human race forward, they were the ones who taught people how it is done, they were the ones who knew what customers wanted before customers thought of what they wanted. But the tables have turned, as companies took to reaping as much profits as they can, the tech industry lost the wooing factor. Even people in the tech industry were once legendary icons who people looked upon but nowadays, Entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Sean Parker are very calm and just want to live life the way it is not caring about features,innovation and their company’s reputation, Rather just sitting on piles of money that no true tech lover really cares about. Companies like Apple,Google and Microsoft used to be so much cooler than they are now and don’t think that by cool I mean showing off stuff etc, What I mean is that they had the element of surprise that they are now lacking. That element of surprise is what has led the tech industry to dominate the world. In the end, All I want to say is that we need to get that culture back.

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