Twitter about to make it’s homepage a whole lot better!


Twitter’s homepage about to become a whole lot better!

Today only, I was discussing with my friends that why do famous social networks have such boring home pages when they are worth a ton and have money to spend !? BAM! The next news I see is that Twitter is updating it’s homepage and making it a ton more awesome!

I see this as a big plus point as many people are not attracted by the ugly and simple looking home pages used by major social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc and lets face it – People DO judge a book by it’s cover. Surprisingly enough, According to Twitter’s own numbers, over 500 million people visit the site each month without being logged in at all. Around 150 million of these come directly to, where all they see currently is a randomly chosen photo picked randomly from the company’s 284 million users (Narendra Modi addressing the crowds from the Red Fort, in our case) and a few lines of text. It’s hardly inviting.

Twitter’s new homepage will be more attractive and will use complex algorithms that will display a stream of famous tweets by using your location and interests. The  popular categories for example may include ‘business news’, ‘cute animals’ and ‘pop artists’.


For the unaccustomed, Twitter can be a crazy place that’s hard to figure out. This change to its homepage, will, hopefully, make new users make sense of Twitter.



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