One Plus One bids farewell to invites!


Good news guys! The amazing budget flagship One Plus One is now invite free, You no longer have to get an invite to get your hands on this power packed smartphone! Also, One Plus is offering flat 50% discount on 3 of it’s accessories which include¬†JBL’s One Plus One earphones,Flip cover and Screen Guard! This is a kind of relief for those of you who have been longing to buy the One Plus One since a long time but couldn’t get an invite. This also looks good for the company since it will increase their customer base and sales, Which in turn will increase revenue.

You may want to buy the One Plus One NOW but here is a piece of advice:- One Plus is holding a special event on 20th April 2015 in which it is rumoured to launch One Plus Two, So do think about this before buying!

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  1. Akash Ks says:

    well..its a good thing..They should provide the phone with the oxygen OS update(based on Android Lolipop) .

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