Net Neutrality? What does it mean for you?

You might be wondering that what is all the hype about “Net Neutrality” nowadays. What “Net Neutrality” means is that all the content, sites etc are equal on the internet and you are free to visit ANY site of your choice. In India, The telecom operators are fighting to remove net neutrality to charge you for specific services. This means that you will be charged separately for using Whatsapp,Facebook,Ola etc. But this is not so simple as it looks, This is a major threat because, First, You will be charged loads of money¬†for every extra site,app,service you use except for what you have specified in your plan. Second, Companies can pay tons of money to a service operator to eliminate competition, For eg- Whatsapp could pay a lot of money to your operator (like airtel) to make your internet speed slow whenever you start using hike! This means that what you would eventually do start using whatsapp rather than hike because what you think is that hike is slow, Which is not the case! We need to protest against this! Many countries have already adopted net neutrality and it is essential for India to do so too. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to visit this very site without paying extra , Nor surf any other content!

What can I do?

What you can do is tell this to your family and friends and save the nation! You can complain about this by going to this site–

Do share! Spread this message!

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