Hey guys! Today we have chosen quite a funny topic! We are going to compare as to how would The Hunger games be like if it were using today’s technology! We are not going to discuss scenarios of as to how the capitol is working, rebellion etc. We are assuming that The Hunger Games are happening right NOW. Here is our list, We hope you enjoy it!

1. Live Streaming Problems

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The first major problem that the Capitol might have to face is Live Streaming The Hunger Games, How many times have you really streamed something without Pulling your hair off!? Now imagine this scenario, The Capitol will have to Stream this event live to over 7 Billion People! Problem, eh?People won’t even know when did the event finish! What if Satan comes to work and the Live Stream malfunctions just when 2 people are left? I hope you wouldn’t be enraged with anger? Or would you!

2. Location tracking


Now, We all know that the capitol installs some special chips in the tributes’s body so that they can change their path, give challenges to them and over all make the games interesting. First off, We don’t have such technology to install chips in the body to track us! Also, our tracking systems are not much reliable (Insert Apple maps’s reference here) . What if rather than bringing tributes near each other, they send them far away from each other and the games end up being boring!

3. Dress on fire?


As we all know, Cinna, Katniss’s designer makes her wear a dress with fire behind it using some sort of synthetic fire. What if Cinna decides to do this NOW? What would follow would be hilarious as hell! There would be no Katniss, no Peeta (no offence fangirls), the place would be on fire, horses would go  mad, All the tributes will die, There would be no President Snow and the Hunger Games wouldn’t happen that year, or maybe never again! Better than organising a rebellion,eh?

4. Internet

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The internet would definitely play a big part in the rebellion! The top trending tweet would be #JoinTheRebellion, People would be commenting and posting madly, Some people would try to make fun of President Snow using jokes and memes, who in turn would try to ban the internet (North Korea?)! However, People will find a way to access the internet and eventually President Snow will have to surrender due to sheer pressure, but the result would be the same, President Snow would die laughing!

P.S:- Just wondering if everybody would be on the internet, who would organise the rebellion really!

5. Parachute Shipping

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So, we all know that tributes get some items that they desperately need in specially designed parachutes that are sponsored. The parachutes also have to land exactly where the tribute is or otherwise it won’t work. Now, We would definitely be using some service provider like Amazon or Alibaba to deliver goods and they would waste our time by asking if whether we need one day delivery or normal delivery while the tribute would be almost in a life or death situation! Also, we aren’t very confident that our parachutes would land where we wanted them to! So, the parcels may get exchanged and create a lot of confusion, The tribute that had asked for food would receive spear and the one fighting might receive food and both would die to this utterly stupid reason, Now you can imagine the chaos it can cause! I will let your imagination wander here a bit!


And what if our generation gets the concept of The Hunger Games wayy too differently…



Thanks for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any other chaos that might follow, comment below!

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