The New MacBook hands on review.

So, today we got a hands on experience with the new MacBook which was earlier launched by Apple. The new MacBook is Apple’s entry into the segment of luxury notebooks, which is actually pretty new because nobody uses a 1300$ notebook that has low grade processor , i.e , Intel core M clocked at 1.3GHz. The only two things that we were impressed with were the display and the force touch trackpad. The Screen is gorgeous, They have managed to pack the screen in such a thin shell which is a technological wonder in itself. The force touch trackpad is basically an illusion, It doesn’t move but appears to be to you but the real story is that the trackpad has a TapTic engine below it that makes you think you are clicking on a thing while you are not, that is pretty cool. The force touch also brings some new features/gestures like you can force touch to see the definition of a word or you can fast forward the video that you are watching that is proportional to how hard you click the trackpad. The cons are much more than pros. You will get only ONE port(USB-C Type) that you will have to use for Charging, Pendrives, External display etc. Also, you will get a processor that is very weak in processing. RAM is nice though , with 8GB DDR3 it will last you good. Also, due to the thinness of the machine, you won’t be able to get the iconic glowing Apple logo that everbody pays about 200$ more for (Intended). You will also have to buy 70$ adapters if you want to charge and transfer data simultaneously. Overall this notebook is good for note taking college students or for corporates who want portability and nice Battery over raw processing power. Forget about editing movies or songs on this machine, period. If you want raw processing power and you’re a power user, go with the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display since it also gt the new force touch trackpad and has better processor. In the end, the sales of the new MacBook will tell how the public reacts to this new market of notebooks.

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