Which programming language to learn first?

A lot of the readers have been asking me this question since a long time now and I have always hesitated to answer this because this is a tricky one, But as I have to choose one I will go with C++(Java fans calm down!). I have chosen C++ simply because it gets the basics right , It is not ‘very’ modern like JavaScript but at the same time it is not too old (eg:- It does not use destructors). It also introduces OOPS concepts which is followed by most modern languages. Also, It is the ¬†foundation language for most of the languages like Objective-C and C#. C++ is also fast and still reliable whereas Java is slow and was not even intended for public use (Original purpose was¬†commercial success). So, that’s why C++ maybe the best choice for beginners. You may consider other languages afterwards according to yout interest. Good luck!

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