5 Amazing Alternates To The Apple Watch

Hey there! Whether you want to know who’s calling you, how many calories you burn each day, or you want to listen to your favorite tunes, there’s a watch for that. The Apple Watch, as we all know is selling like hot cakes. It is the most successful smartwatch ever made but that is partly because it is made by Apple, The biggest tech giant in the world known for it’s amazing marketing techniques. If you are one of those who thinks that Apple created the Smartwatch industry I would like to tell you that there were tons of smartwatches before the Apple Watch but they didn’t get much attention. However, That doesn’t mean that they were not good! Some of them were excellent and that’s what we are going to look at today. We look at 5 amazing alternates to the Apple watch that are just as good. This post is for anybody interested in hopping in the Smartwatch bandwagon and for those of you who weren’t able to get your Apple Watch due to the high demand.

1. Moto 360



The Moto 360 is sleek,stylish,functional, and perhaps the biggest competitor of the Apple Watch ALL at the same time! The watch runs android fluently, Helps you multitask easily and is better than most of the smartwatches out there while still having a better quality and design. Moto 360’s official price is 300$ but since the Apple Watch is the big thing right now, You can get it as low as 70$ which is TOTALLY a bang for the buck.

2. Pebble Steel





The wave-making Kickstarter turned company ‘Pebble’ was the one that made strides in the tech industry and launched the SmartWatch industry through their “Pebble Watch”. Although the Pebble Watch had nice features as the first Smartwatch, It was not very attractive looking and of much functionality. Now, The company has made a comeback using the ‘Pebble Steel’. Pebble Steel is perhaps the epitome of art and tech combined into one. The watch supports all platforms, Looks stylish and costs only 199$. Now this is one hell of a device.

3. Withings Activité watch



This is the most sophisticated Smartwatch one can look for. The design is minimalistic and simple, And is for those people who want to hide the techy in them but still have something to fulfil their passion. The simple looking ticker actually tracks your every movement – steps, running, swimming, etc. It also calculates the calories you’ve burned, as well as how long it takes you to get to sleep! This will cost you about 450$ though!

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch



You know what this watch has already if you own ANY Samsung device. This smartwatch is filled with features (Like, Seriously). From multitasking to clicking pictures to any random stuff you can think of, This watch has it all. This watch acts like a total replica of your phone unlike the others. It will cost you about 300$.

5. Martian Notifier Smartwatch



This might have raised some eyebrows! We know that this watch is not completely a smartwatch, But this is a very great device if you are a social butterfly who loves to tweet,post,comment etc and never leave a notification unread. Apart from that it will also give you all the notifications from your phone and will cost you a mere 100$.


So, You have seen it all , Perhaps decided what you want to buy , But here is a short piece of advice :-  You might want to wait for the next gen smartwatches as this industry, In my opinion is not mature enough to spend loads of cash on. You may spend about 200-300$ but NOT at all more than that! If you have any other smartwatch in your mind, Do comment below!

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